Product Details

Real Time Tracking

client: SmartTech
date: 15 oct 2014

Whatever you want to track in a defined area; you can do using Indoor Tracking RFID solution. You can track a visitor in your company using a card, or track a child in a park using a bracelet or track equipment within a field of work; all is possible.

How it works:
  • RFID reader captures last transaction done with RFID card, RFID label or RFID bracelet.
  • All transactions are recorded in the system.By knowing last transaction; you can reach the target object
  • Object’s location is tracked and monitored in the system.
Benefits of Indoor Tracking RFID System:
  • Trace & track target object.
  • Track object by knowing its specified location.
  • Provide high level security.
  • Reduce human intervention.