Drive your business to perfection with our smart systems and tools.

​Satisfy your needs and reach professionalism in every single minute detail within your business.
At SmartTech we believe that our main assets are our precious teams, who are dedicated to deliver the best-in-class solutions to our customers.


We Create Out of The Box Premier Software Development Solutions

At SmartTech Systems, we design and develop top-class and standard-compliant custom software tailored specifically to our customer's business needs in high-quality and a cost-efficient way.

We can thoroughly analyze and fully understand each client's needs to deliver the best outcomes, with the luxury of getting uniquely attractive designed software solutions that distinguish him from his peers.

SmartTech Systems is a company of experts, we hire top developers who are of a proven track record and are our guarantee of success.

Today is your opportunity


Being one of the leading software technologies and solutions providers in our region. By providing high excellent quality services to our customers and maintaining extreme loyalty among our employees through doing our work in the most efficient way with robust and structured methodology,with gradual evolution from hard-work to smart- work culture, at the client’s end also.


Providing unique professional, reliable, and excellent systems that deliver the best value possible against the reasonable cost of ownership consequently lowering initial investments needed for organizations' development. We anticipate the needs of our customers and make all efforts to exceed our customers’ expectations, We provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees and our business partners.

core values

Transparency: SmartTech Systems believes in transparent and open communication with customers and Employees


Trust Is Granted, Not Earned.


Developing a high-quality product will be cheaper than developing a low-quality product.

Our Products

SmartTech is proud to offer you the following products.

Waste Collection Tracking System (WCTS)
AVL-Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking System
E-Learning and exam engine system.