Waste Collection Tracking System (WCTS)

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Date: 15 Oct 2014

Texts about Project

Having a waste free district or even a town now, is not a dream. WCTS tracking system compared to a tradition It offers you collecting waste in an efficient, robust, reliable, safe, tracked vehicle and waste bins. Want to have a reliable fully monitoring and tracking waste collection system; WCTS is the best solution for you.al waste collection companies can save you both time and money

On-board computer in vehicle supports communication between vehicle and office ; which improves waste collection process for the driver.


WCTS provides customer full optimization of drivers’ routes, number of bins/ route and facilitates empty collection process. GPS supported in driver’s vehicle guides the driver accurately along the specified route.

System Components:

Vehicle Tracking System AVL using GPS & satellites

On board computer supports Vehicle

RFID tags applied on bins to specify its location on map

Fleet Management System

⦁ Help Desk System

Fleet Management System:

Fleet Management System (at office side) ingrates with GPS module to collect data such as: driver’s route data, distance & speed, location of bins and collection times. It also records any violation in the collection process; for example: if any bin in the driver’s route is missed, an alarm appears at office side with bin location & driver route


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