Student Attendance System

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Date: 15 Oct 2014

Texts about Project

RFID Smart Card Based application for School, University or Company.

Being a web enabled service; it can be accessed from anywhere which helps each individual to be in touch. Parent can log from his mobile or web to check on his child.

Student’s Bus is supplied with hand held to capture Student RFID tag from Student’s Card or Student’s bracelet (in case of being a kid).

Gates are supplied with readers to capture Bus RFID label.

How it works:

Whole school attendance can be taken within less than 60 seconds via wireless attendance system.

As soon as Student enters the School gate and the device reads card data, automatic SMS is sent to Parent.

Benefits of Student Attendance System:

Reduce administrative cost and workload.

Trace student attendance.

Improve service via online accessibility.

Automatic SMS facility to Parents.