Tag Parking RFID Solution

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Date: 15 Oct 2014

Texts about Project

Tag Parking RFID Solution provides independent system for security, parking, and access control. This would provide businesses with hands-free control to ensure only authorized vehicles have entry.

Tag Parking RFID Solution helps user to reduce the wasted time of search parking lot and also improves the parking lot utilization.

The system can also provide access data for administering periodic access charges or parking fees.

How it works:

Each car is labeled with an RFID tag that is captured by RFID reader.

A user may use a card which is read by RFID reader.

User charges park fees periodically; which are going to be registered either on car label or card.

The system automatically captures data from car label or by passing the card on RFID reader

Each access can be recorded in the RFID reader.

System maintains a history of access activities and administrative billing of daily, weekly, or monthly fees.

Benefits of Tag Parking RFID Solution:

​Automatic hands free access control into and out of parking lot

Automatic & fast processing of parking fees based on different categories of users.

Elimination of human intervention at entry and exit points.

Automatic notification when a car enters or leaves the lot.

Real time parking status updates.

Increases customer safety and security.

Improves service offered.

⦁ Displays number of empty slots at every level.

⦁ Increases Return on Investment (ROI).