Warehouse Management RFID Solution

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Client: WrapBootstrap

Date: 15 Oct 2014

Tag: Graphic, Design, Creative

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Save time and enhance your stock control measures using Stock Control RFID Solution. Now it’s no more need for product movement, scanning or human involvement; we supply you with a fully automated system that allows inventory status to be determined and generated automatically. Our fully automated system allows stock control status to be determined and generated automatically.

How it works:

Attachment of RFID tags to goods.

Use of fixed and handheld RFID readers to determine goods' locations as they are received at inventory.

RFID Readers installed in gates to capture RFID tags on containers in/ out of inventory

Goods’ location is tracked and monitored in the system.

Benefits of Warehouse Management RFID Solution:

⦁ Track, locate, and manage inventory wherever it is.

⦁ Larger operations, with multiple locations are improved.

⦁ Improves products visibility and utilization.

⦁ Gives full stock management.

⦁ Allows monitoring inventory-stocking levels.

⦁ Provides full process control for products.

⦁ Provides higher-level security.

⦁ Improves accuracy and efficiency.

⦁ Reduces human errors.

⦁ Reduces overall operations costs.

⦁ Increase Return on Investment (ROI).